Thursday, January 16, 2014

We need a new Ethiopia where no one ethnic group has been seen by Obang Metho

We need a new Ethiopia where no one ethnic group claims they are more Ethiopian or less Ethiopian than the other. It is our blood and our humanity which unites us not the lines of Ethiopia on a map.Any who live within the borders have equal claim based on the Ethiopian soil upon which they live, not because they are a member of any one dominant ethnic group like the Oromo, Amhara, or Tigray. 

We are all Ethiopians. We are all Africans. We are all human beings. We should be concentrating on that. It is our mother land which defines us and gives us a sense of place not the lines on a map demarcating Ethiopia.

Once again, if we want to survive as a people, we have to put our humanity before our ethnicity. This is the only way we can become greater people and a greater country. To accomplish this, you have to start by loving and accepting yourselves as God loves you so that you can better love your families, your communities, your ethnic group, your country and all of humanity as equally worthy of love and care. We can defeat all this injustice only with one weapon and that weapon is love.

Know that others like those who support ethnic apartheid regime and those who believe in ethnicity may not understand this noble principle and instead believe that in order to survive, that they or their ethnic group must dominate others for their own self-interests so as to fill their empty hearts and souls with things that will never satisfy. Instead, we are called to love others as we do ourselves. In the future, will we cry only for ourselves or will we join with others in their grief, helping them to overcome the source of their suffering?

I believe this is the only way to stop a ethnic apartheid regime of TPLF that triumphs over us by singling each of us out, fighting us one at a time? Instead, we must join together, caring for each other. This is what Ethiopia lacks. This is what Africa lacks.

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