Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dr. Lapeso Ge. Delebo on Queen of Sheba; Yukuno Amlak; & Plot of Alex

"አሳ፡ ጎርጎሪ፣ ዘንዶ፡ ያወጣል።" "የሁዋላው፡ ከሌለ፣ የለም፡ የፊቱ።" Video: Dr. Lapeso Getahun/Ge. Delebo, a history professor at Finfinne University, on the "Queen of Sheba;" on the usurpation of an Anti-Ethiopian rebellious Zagwe Soldier (aka Amhara) by the name Yukuno Amlak; and on the Plot of Egypt's Alexandria to Control Abyssinia's/Ethiopia's Politics and History through the Alexandrian "Abune"/Pope. While the Ethiopian Church is freed from Alexandria in 1959 (after almost two millenia of control by Alexandria), the fables and myths, which were created by Alexandria to control Abyssinia's/Ethiopia's politics and history, are still naïvely recited by self-denying Debtera's. Primarily, the Alexandria-created fables and myths delegitimize the Cushitic origins of the peoples and nations in the Horn of Africa and promote "Habeshanization" of Ethiopia. Standard YouTube License

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