Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Ethiopian regime claims that human Right watch is a terrorist organization

Are TPLF going wild and insane? Now they are calling HRW (Human Rights Watch) a terrorist organization. HRW has reported about torture and ill treatment of prisoners in Maekelawi prison in Addis Ababa. The organization has been gathering lots of information and witness testimonies about inhumane treatment in Ethiopian prisons. That the regime today has labelled HRW as a terrorist group is a clear sign that TPLF will arrest and detain those who speak out for human rights in the country. According to the Ethiopian terrorist law, any individual that has anything to do with a terrorist organization can be accused and punished as a terrorist.
The regime has been building it muscles by western aid, and at the same time harassing its people for decades. Does the Ethiopian regime know the meaning, the definition of terrorism?

Terrorism is the systematic use of violent terror as a means of coercion. In  the international community, terrorism has no legally binding, criminal law definition. Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts, which are intended to create fear (terror); are perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants(civilians). Some definitions now include acts of unlawful violence and war. The use of similar tactics by criminal organizations for protection rackets or to enforce a code of silence is usually not labelled terrorism, though these same actions may be labelled terrorism when done by a politically motivated group.
 If HRW is a terrorist, what is really behind the mask of TPLF and EPRDF, when they cover the truth from the public and international community?
 TPLF are responsible for arresting dissidents in secret prisons in Addis Ababa, torturing them until death. There is no court process for those individuals, detained in more than 500 villas and compounds owned by the Tigrayans in Addis Ababa. NISS, The National Intelligence Secret Service, use those houses, with amounts of torture cells for the political prisoners.

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