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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

By Loving the home land

Metasebia Tadesse 

Let us keep our national  pride

we should not worry and ashamed of , for the incidence  we face today . our identity is more precious than any thing we have at hand . The only party supposed to ashamed of is weyane /TPLF leaders with there members who works day and night hardly to avoid our national pride from there citizens 
Things became very challenging for every one of us (Ethiopian) ,both inside the home country and out sine of the country .World give us its back by this time ....
we are in fear and shame when we see form different angle 
Some of us who are living brood  might in fear even to say we where from  Ethiopia  .... may because of may convincing and unconvincing reasons . I am not hear to blame or discuses  with those so called convincing and unconvincing reasons .But I need to mention points related with national pride or identity pride .
let alone the ancient time even in near past of sixteen and seventies ,people from our land     ( Ethiopia ) were very proud of being  Ethiopian ,they where happy with there identity .
The youth who came abroad for different propose like education ,where not OK to even stay after they finish there mission . They were actually luck ,they had good time .           How about today ????  in fact  it dose not meant or show a person lost his /her national feeling  because a person decide to live abroad . since ever person has his /her way to live .
Thanks to TPLF/weyane It is so obvious why people are not happy to live in there home country  , the  source or the base problem of our people is TPLF/ weyane .what ever problem and  challenge  we have face  to day ....  we should keep on and  not take down our national pride . it is a smart key for our coming future Ethiopia ,This time we (different opposition parties ) are fighting with TPLF (our common enemy)  to see better Ethiopia towards politics .But to get and see what we dream  in reality we need to keep our national feeling / we should keep on being nationalist . 

we can learn much for our past patriots ,what was there secret for there victory in battles?? what was there secret and base to keep the national unity and power ???? ... 
There secret was they had amazing national love . 
 I believe,  National Love is a smart key for Victory .

Things will be changed one day , if and only if we have unity with national love .The power we see today will dissolve tomorrow.we have seen many powerful Governor in this world , BUT where are they ? they left there world with there power including there money, they are not exist today......( Like Ethiopian prim Minister Meles Zenawi )

The follower of weyane,I would like to inform you that at list your power can be win by Death ( at list ) because the only permanent governor in this and the coming world is God We should not discourage , we should have to keep on in social struggle together, to keep our pride back that we lost by weyane at list for our next generation.For the sake of our home land we should pay any cost !!!!! ,I hope we will see together what will happen for the future . I hope it is not that much far to see tangible change through our entire politics we should   not only be of palthak and face book hero like Weyane think and also speak by there social media .
May God bless Ethiopia

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