Friday, January 17, 2014

EPRDF says there could be a riot after election 2015

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) that has ruled the Country for the past 23 years has said that it has come to the conclusion that there would be a riot in major cities of the Country post the 2015 general election.
According to ESAT’s sources, opposition groups labelled by the regime as ‘terrorists’ such as Ginbot 7 and the OLF are working hard to instigate a violence like the one seen in 2005. The Front has stated that it will now start organizing people through the one-to-five system and teach local people about the aims and goals of terrorists so that “the people would not take part in the unrest”.
EPRDF also stated that the groups could build up on the existing problems of mal-administration, corruption, economy and use media outlets such as ESAT, the Voice of America (VoA) Amharic service, and local magazines that have ‘extremist tendencies’. Home based opposition parties could give legal cover for the plans.
The Front said the people of Addis Abeba should especially be given attention as they could be targeted by ‘the terrorists’.
In the next Ethiopian year, residents of Addis Abeba and other regional towns and government employees will be given successive education regarding terror and after the training, it will select Community peace keepers and  will identify those that are suspected of not supporting the ruling Front.
EPRDF has concluded that any opposition that comes after the election is a ‘terror act’. Opposition parties are not permitted to hold protests even if the election was fraudulent.

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