Sunday, December 15, 2013

we should have to look for the future ,.... , on the processes of leadership, no one can limit the positive and negative impact , we can only learn from the past , we have left nothing to improve the past .... we can only work for the future , we need to streach for better future and better Ethiopia ,the past is already over over . we do not need a leader how can remember us any passing heat-rage through generation , to be Oromo is not some thing we are accepting in voting , OROMO is our blood , like Amara is also our blood ... Tgre ,Gurage .. you can mention any ethnic group found in Ethiopia .... there is blood kinship between us one can not live separating from the other .... most of us are the outcome fruit from different ethnics . even at this time ,even if people are from different ethnic group, they marred each other .. we need to ACKNOWLEDGE that we are ONE NATION ...... please do not remind us any exaggerate negative histories 

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