Sunday, December 15, 2013

The cause for all our pain is TPLF

As things stand TPLF leaders is nowhere to hide, nowhere to go except paying foreign journalist to propagate TPLF wishes about Ethiopia under TPLF rule
December 14, 2013
by Bora Pawlos
Historically unprecedented threat that is being waged by this unlawful regime chance of having a peaceful and democratic rule has long evaporated for good. Our people are not only forced to be subjugated, their basic rights trampled upon, families disintegrated, forced to leave their motherland to be servants of unmerciful lords of the rich Arabic countries, killed, maimed, thrown in jail to the point where our people feel and question whether they are living in their own country.For the regime in Ethiopia we are all terrorists. So be it.

So now, for this regime we are all terrorists. So be it. I stood in awe as I was watching YouTube, those brave Ethiopians with unwavering bravery standing as a shield for those voiceless, raped tortured Citizens of Ethiopia, speaking truth to arrogant and blunt power, during that political discussion with those 2 EPRDF self elected officials. We owe it to them, they are carrying the whole weight on their shoulders and it is time for all Ethiopians to take charge and show our unwavering support and take some of the weight off of these brave and heroic Ethiopian shoulders.

Who is to blame the Ethiopians if they start defending themselves while this barbaric regime kills, robs their livelihood etc? Who is to blame the Ethiopians if they stand up and say enough is enough? Well folks we are on the way to show the gangs of TPLF how Ethiopians fight when they are oppressed and dehumanized and it will come the day sooner, where TPLF can no longer hide in this world. In today’s world TPLF bandas can no longer stays continuously ruling Ethiopia, Whatever these paid journalist says about TPLF Ethiopia, the Ethiopia people will never be fooled again and again.

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