Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More than 52 Ethiopian maids, 25 domestics arrested in Kuwait

Network busted as 52 Ethiopian 
የኩዌት ፖሊስ 52 ሴት ኢትዮጵያውያን የቤት ሰራተኞችንና 25 ወንድ ሰራተኞችና ሾፌሮችን መያዙን አስታወቀ፡፡ 

የኩዌት ፖሊስ እንደሚለው የተያዙት ኢትዮጵያዊያን ከተለያዩ ቀጣሪዎቻቸው እንደጠፉ ሪፖርት የተደረገባቸው ሲሆኑ ኢትዮጵያውያኑ በአንድ የመኖሪያ ህንጻ ውስጥ ተጠልለው ይኖሩ እንደነበር ታውቋል፡፡ 

እንደኩዌት ፖሊስ ሪፖርት ከሆነ ከቀጣሪዎቻቸው የሚጠፉት ኢትዮጵያውያን በዚህ መኖሪያ ጥቂት ከራርመው ሌላ ቦታ ስራ ይቀጠራሉ፡፡maids, 25 domestics arrested More 52 Ethiopian maids, 25 domestics arrested in KuwaitThe Jleeb Al- Shuyoukh police recently raided a residential building in the area and arrested 52 Ethiopian maids and 25 male servants - drivers and household help - on whom absconding reports had been filed by their sponsors at various police stations, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to security sources the building was being used by unidentified persons as safe haven for runaway people and then provided jobs in return for a certain fee. The daily added the transactions were made through Internet. All those arrested have been referred to the concerned authorities.

Meanwhile, Ahmadi securitymen arrested 24 individuals, issued two citations against traffic violations, seized two vehicles and confiscated 46 bottles of locally brewed liquor during the security campaigns that they launched from Dec 13, 2013 to Jan 4, 2014. Among the arrested individuals, 10 were involved in various cases while 14 did not have their Civil IDs. They were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against them. Ahmadi Security Directorate affirmed that they will continue to launch such security campaigns in all areas of Ahmadi Governorate to arrest the violators of law and traffic rules.

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