Saturday, December 7, 2013

Heavy fighting continues in Ogaden for the 2nd straight day

Heavy fighting continues in Ogaden for the 2nd straight day
Heavy fighting between ONLF forces and those of the Ethiopian regime forces and its associated Liyu Militia is currently taking place in the vicinity of Banbaas, Qolaji and Hora-hawd village, near Jigjiga. ONLF fighters from Gorgor (Eagle) Unit are engaging in severe fighting with Ethiopian troops for the 2nd straight day.

First reports provided by our frontline reporters indicate the operations undertaken by the Gorogor (Eagle) unit which operates in and around the area resulted the death of 45 Ethiopian soldiers including high ranking military officials and the capture of huge caches of military supplies. The supplies included small arms, machine guns, sophisticated military radios, and a large cache of more modern medicines.

It’s reported that ONLA (Ogaden National Army) fighters have captured the staging strategic position and an arms depository belonging to the Ethiopian forces unit operating near the road leading between Jigjiga and Harar.

Local people in Fiiq town confirmed that many Ethiopian dead and wounded have been brought to the city.

Although reliable eyewitnesses in the areas where the offensives took place confirmed seeing many Ethiopian taken prisoners by the ONLA(Ogaden National Army), the leaders of the ONLA refused to deny or confirm any such prisoner takings.

Latest reports from the Ogaden say that similar attacks by ONLF freedom fighters, which usually occur when Ethiopian soldiers venture into rural localities and villages to massacre civilians, are continuing

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