Wednesday, February 5, 2014

TPLF Officials are happy for Proclamation on anti terrorism to control and punish any of opposition parties movement ...

According to the previous Ethiopian pray minister Meless Zenawi , the  Proclamation on anti terrorism is directly word by word copied from three best sources from USA patriot Act of 2001 , UK Terrorism Act 2000, and from council frame work / European Union model Law. when he explain the reason why they decide to copied directly , according to Meless Zenawi Tplf officials afraid  they will be accuse by westerns for non democratic ruling . It is so obvious why he mention such point ...  because he knows why they needs the Proclamation on anti terrorism . As usual tplf plan is clear ,to cover by paper low and to attack the real protesters.

The main actor and roller for terrorism and related criminals are TPLF .May be this Proclamation on anti terrorism is useful or important to punish Tplf officials only. Because currently the only one who are terrorizing in Ethiopian is Tplf and its officials . Also human right watch says lot about Ethiopian Proclamation on anti terrorism " The anti- terror law it self is a huge problem" by Rona Peliga Deputy Africa Director .

Basically,  Proclamation on anti terrorism is not stands for the citizen's of Ethiopian only for TPLF because Tplf  needs this anti terrorism proclamation very much .that  is only to avoid and erase any of Tplf positions from Ethiopia . from the beginning , to protest and to be terrorist are very different .
If Proclamation on anti terrorism believed like as it is essential for Ethiopia , it should be proclaimed only for the well being of the society and country . should not be proclaimed  to keep the well being and Power of  Tplf Political  agenda .

Besides any of Proclamation should be on the top or on the above .. to Judge every of citizens in the country ( weather the person is government official or normal civil person ) . But the current reality is very different .Tplf leaders with there members are above any Law , they are killing any one any time they want  , they are corrupted  ,.... Those Tplf officials who are always above any of Law in the country ,should be accused for there criminal acts  .But unfortunately  because the court is not clean from TPLF politics no one can ask and accuse them for there terrorism and related criminal murder .

To protest and to be terrorist are very different .To mention one simple example ,as Ethiopia is  there personal commodity TPLF officials are selling and offering our land to the market for foreigners , for the sack of their private issue. may be TPLF politician are dreaming in stopping opposition ,But how ?

people need freedom of speech and freedom of press , people need to be released any of political prisoners ( Eskinder Nega , Andualem Arage , Riot alemu , Debteraw  .... )  ,people want the government to keep human right , people do not want there citizens to be killed and injured for the sack of TPLF happiness  and elongation of  power, Ethiopian people need democracy ,  human right violation  should be stopped etc .. people have many  reason in protesting TPLF/ weyane

Ethiopian needs a government which is elected by citizens ,TPLF is a group which is not represent the hole part of all Ethiopia . TPLF has no right even to design any rule and regulation in our land . more over TPLF policy are connected with ethnic politics . In Ethiopia any one can see the reality that Ethiopians refuse to give recognition or value  for ethnic politics .
No no can stopped the people from protesting Unless they got freedom ,if asking freedom is concisered like terrorism , may be 90 million Ethiopian People will be terrorist by TPLF Officials .

by Metasebia Tadesse

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