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Abraha Deboch and Moges Asgedom- Heroes or Egoistic Spy Agents? Post a rep

February 19 marks the massacre of the residents of Finfinne. It was happened 77 years ago on February 1937. The pretext for Italian fascist forces to massacre the resident of Finfinne was the attempt of Abraha Deboch and Moges Asgedom to kill Rodolfo Grazani.

Abraha Deboch and Moges Asgedom were both Eritrean origin and friends. Abraha was an employee of Italian forces in Ethiopia and he was Spy Agent in the Political Bureau of Italian Force in Ethiopia. His friend Moges has no formal and known employment.

On February 19,1937 there was a huge gathering organized by Italian Forces led by Rodolfo Graziani and held in Lidet Aderash found in the now Addis Ababa University Sadist Killo (Main) Campus. The purpose of the gathering was to celebrate the birth of Italian Royal Baby. Many Italians and Ethiopians were in attendance and others were waiting for handouts (alms) outside the hall. The disgruntled staff of Fascist Italian Political Bureau in Ethiopia Abraha Deboch and his accomplice Moges asgedom threw Italian made hand grenade in an attempt to kill Graziani and left Sidist killo using a tax driven by taxi driver named Simon Adefris.

In retaliation, Italian Fascist soldiers immediately opened fire on beggars and poor persons gathered around the hall for the distribution of alms and then extended their attack to other residents of Finfinne. The killing went on for three days and thousands of residents of the city killed. The question is what was the driving factor or motive of Abraha and Moges to take such not well taught action of hurling hand grenade to the persons gathered for a meeting in one room?
Kegnazmach Tesfa Gebreselassie Zebihere Bulga in his interview with Addis Zemen News Paper published on Sene 01, 1987 explained the motive of Abraha and Moges as follows. Abraha Deboch was an spy for Italians. Using his relation with Italians he took the properties of many Ethiopians for himself and helped the Italians to take the properties of many Ethiopians. He was behind the imprisonment and death of many Ethiopians. He was the servant of Fascist Italia forces. Both Abraha and Moges were not known among Ethiopians fighting against Fascist occupation both covertly and openly. The reason why Abraha and his friend and accomplice Moges decided to hurl hand grenade they got while working for Italian forces was their disagreement with Italian soldiers on the sharing of the properties taken from innocent Ethiopians.

After being the cause of the massacre of thousands of Ethiopians, both Abraha and Moges tried to escape the country to Sudan. However, they were not lucky enough to escape. Both were killed in Gojjam while on their way to flee the country. Some consider these former Italian Spy Agents heroes. This is the fact and you can judge for yourself. Read also this brief biography of Abraha and :Moges 

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