Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Saudi jets force plane to land after it enters airspace

Saudi jets force plane to land after it enters airspace

It carried three passengers looking for political asylum - reports

Dubai: An airplane coming from an African country was forced by Saudi fighter jets to land at King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Airport in Jazan after it entered Saudi airspace without permission on Tuesday afternoon, Saudi media reported.

Media reports in Saudi Arabia said security was tight. Reports from the kingdom however offered conflicting details, with some saying it was an Eritrean plane with three passengers on board, and others saying it had come from Ethiopia.

Sabq online news site said the plane was an Eritrean military plane amd its passengers were seeking asylum.

Jazan is close to the Yemeni borde

Jizan Emirate: plane forced to land Eritrean and not a fighterOmar Orabi, Qasim Alkhbrani - already - Jazan: detection spokesman Abu Jazan Acting Yassin bin Ahmed al-Qasim, for " ever ", said the plane, which forced the Saudi authorities on the landing force arrest at King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, is an aircraft Eritrean military, not a fighter ; carrying 3 Eritreans officers of asking for political asylum.
Yassin explained that they used military aircraft to carry equipment and not a fighter, stressing that they in good health condition.
The preliminary information - not yet confirmed - have indicated that the plane was forced to land due to enter Saudi airspace without coordination.
Source: GulfNews

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