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Human Right Watch, Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, "Independent" Media Outlets (Reuters, CNN, BBC, etc)... Where are You? Below are listed some of the events that were less reported on their mass medias about Ethiopia.

When reading it, one question arises, and that is: Why are these allegedly "human-rights-organisations" (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders) and „independent” media outlets (Reuters, CNN, etc) quiet??? The answer is simple: the US-administration, as the biggest fund raiser, has a say about how to report (this is disclosed in several occasions).

Had it not been for the utmost care of the successive US-administrations, the Woyane-Ethiopian-regime, the darling-beggar of the West, would have not existed until now.

Dear reader, please read the news-articles below which are events of the recent months and judge it for yourself. We must not be the victim of the Western backed propaganda that we are facing currently. Most notably, try to ask always yourself first who is behind the news you are reading?


List of news-articles worth reading:

Saudis murder, rape and beat Ethiopian immigrants prior to detention 
( November 12, 2013

Riyadh – Thousands of Ethiopian immigrants have been subjected to murder, rape and beatings in a savage Saudi crackdown on “illegal immigrants.” At least 10 have been killed, an Ethiopian told activist Sadik Ahmed from a Saudi town yesterday. “I’ve seen with my naked eyes Ethiopian women being dragged by Saudi thugs for a gang rape.” ….

Ethiopia to bring home illegal migrants in Saudi Arabia
AFP; November 10, 2013

Addis Ababa (AFP) – The Ethiopian government is repatriating its citizens
living in Saudi Arabia illegally, after reports that an Ethiopian was killed by
Saudi police, officials said Saturday. ….

…. Last year, 200,000 women left Ethiopia seeking jobs, according to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

… Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous country after Nigeria, but also one of the continent’s poorest with the majority of people earning less than two dollars a day. The nation’s unemployment rate is 20 percent, according to the ILO, with more than 27 percent of females and 13 percent of males jobless.

Ethiopians ‘seek asylum en masse in South Korea’ BBC; 12 August 2013

Two-thirds of a group of young professional Ethiopians who went for training in South Korea have stayed to seek asylum, it’s reported. ….

Over 4,600 Ethiopian Refugees Cross Eritrea in June 08 July 2013.
( ... a-in-june/

By Durame,

A record-breaking 4,634 Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers have crossed into neighboringEritrea for the month of June, opposition sources in Asmara have disclosed.

Eritrea, which is currently housing tens of thousands of Ethiopian refugees, has declined to comment about the alarming number of Ethiopianyouth entering their borders. Severe government oppression and lack of economic opportunities are the leading causes of youth fleeing Ethiopia, according to refugees inside the country. On average, over 7,100 Ethiopian refugees have been fleeing towards Yemen each month, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Despite the growing figures of Ethiopian youth fleeing their homeland, little attention is given in the media due to Addis Ababa’s close relation with Washington.

Four Ethiopian Air Force Pilots Defects, Join G7 Opposition Movement
18 September 2013.

The Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) today reported the defection of four senior Ethiopian Air Force pilots to join the increasingly popular Ginbot 7 opposition movement.

The names of these senior captains who abandoned the minority led government in Ethiopia are Cap. Aklilu Mezene, Cap. Tilahun Tufa, Cap. Getu Worku and Cap. Biniam Gizaw.

The captains, who believed to have great skills and experience, had previously played a major role in the 2006 Ethiopian invasion of Somalia as well as in Darfur under the UN peace keeping mission.

Their defection meant a colossal blow to the Ethiopian regime.

Over400000 (Ethiopian) people have illegally emigrated in two years
ESAT News October 30, 2013

Information obtained from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Ethiopia indicates that over 400,000 people have left the Country illegally within the last two years alone. If the number of those that left the Country legally was to be added, the number could double.

The government had recently banned overseas travel for employment. Abebe Haile, , Director of the Employment Service Promotion Directorate at the Ministry said citizens are banned from going to Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Sudan and South Africa.

Although the journey to these countries has been dangerous and their fate once they arrive there has been harassment and suffering, citizens have not stopped streaming to those countries.

Unemployment and poverty are the main drivers of the mass emigration of citizens. Reports from the United Nations (UN) indicate that the number of people that are leaving the Country due to political reasons is also increasing.

Over 15 Ethiopian Air Force pilots fly into exile to escape repression
ADDIS ABABA, March 13, 2013 (Ethiomedia)

The newspaper said Ethiopian Air Force pilot Lt. Daniel Negussie, a veteran fighter pilot since the 1980s, traveled to England on medical reasons and sought a political asylum there on February 14, 2003. Daniel was living in neighboring Djibouti when the Derg regime was overthrown and rebels led by Meles Zenawi seized power in 1991. However, he returned home after a few years, and began to lead a private life. He was called to duty in the Air Force when Eritrea invaded Ethiopian territories in May 1998. Daniel was assigned as a pilot within the Air Force’s Helicopter Transport Dept. Then he was transfered and working as “chief” of the Helicopter Transport Dept till the time of his defection, Etop said.

Following are the names of other veteran Ethiopian Air Force staff members who have gone
into exile:

1) Fighter pilot Lt. Tadesse Mekonnen (sought asylum in England)
2) Col. Fanta Olanni (sought asylum in United States)
3) Captain Getnet Tamiru (US)
4) Captain Bruk Araia (US)
5) Lt. Beza Behailu (US)
6) Lt. Kinde Damte (US)
7) Lt. Yohannes (US) ….

…. Following the Ethiopia-Eritrea War, a number of experienced Ethiopian Air Force flight engineers and technicians have sought asylum in either European countries like Britain or the United States. Among the highly skilled Air Force staffers who have abandoned the country due to intense political repression are:

1. Engineer Mitiku Bayissa (U.S.)
2. Engineer Kahsaye Giday (England)
3. Engineer Shkur (England)
4. Flight Tech. Lt Leikun Bisset (Germany)
5. Junior A-Man Moges Wolde-Amlak (England)
6. Lt. Yeshanew Lema (US)
7. Major Melaku 
M.Tewelde | Harare / Zimbabwe

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