Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy 41th anniversary for EPRP

The 41th year EPRP anniversary is not founded with smooth Journey but with extreme challenge and even death of many member’s and leaders of the party.

As most knows by the strong straggle and movement of EPRP the king and slavery system were successfully failed and also the Derg regime were despair.

Even if the party faces and pass through unbelievable challenges through death, EPRP is still survive because of strong and loyal members .Moreover we cannot forget the acceptability of the party through citizens, that was the back bone of the party in giving great patios for the leaders as well as the members.

As usual EPRP is standing for Justices and straggle with the current regime Wayne, also
To mention some points,
1- EPRP disagree with ethnic politics
2 -EPRP strongly believe in democracy
3-EPRP strongly believe that power should be through genuine election and the voice of citizens
4-EPRP strongly believes in citizen’s freedom of expression, speech, write, organize and have any of       political opinion, etc. are the main

EPRP is a party with enough experience and amazing national love that every youngster’s should learn and follow. Long life and successes for EPRP !!!!!

God bless Ethiopia,
Metasebia Tadesse

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