Monday, November 18, 2013

stop the violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia..... #someone tell to Saudi Arabia

We, Ethiopian students in University of Trento, condemn the outrageous, saddened and heart breaking crimes on Ethiopian expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

At certain point in history, Prophet Muhammad, when faced strong challenges from his opponents, he sent his followers to a blessed land called Ethiopia, and a blessed people Ethiopians. We Ethiopians are known uniquely by our hospitality, and also our patriotism for freedom.

Weather they are Legal or Illegal refuges, all human beings deserves an equal human dignity and respect. This is clearly stated by the UN Human rights law, and any country that signs this law including the Saudi Arabian government should obey to the law. Let alone the international law, being a human is well enough to respect and protect the inalienable and indivisible human rights. However, what happened to Ethiopian refugees starting from the last couple of weeks in Saudi Arabia is beyond human beings can imagine. Currently, in Saudi Arabia our brothers and sisters have been prosecuted severely, flogged and beaten, and slaughtered cruelly.

It is beyond human mind to bear and understand how a human being able to treat other human fellow this way! Watching heart breaking and barbaric treatments the Saudi Police and ordinary Saudi citizens have committed against Ethiopian refugees is intolerable.
Killing fellow human beings by torturing, harassing, beating with group, indiscriminate beating without due regard for human safety and life; gang rape by breaking into women residence, crossed all moral and ethical standard of civilized society irrespective of one's status.
We ask the Saudi Arabian government, the Ethiopian government, UNHRC and any responsible organizations, and the world by large to take this harsh condition seriously and discharge their responsibility accordingly and as soon as possible. We also demand those insane criminals to face court for their insane actions. What so ever the reasons could be, those absent minded people who slaughtered our poor brothers and sisters must be held responsible for their action. All International community and any human being who believes in human dignity should condemn and call upon the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia to take responsibility for the mass gang rape and killing Ethiopian refugees that crossed all bound of human decency in a broad daylight that have been watched throughout the world by international media out let and social network like Facebook and YouTube.
Therefore, we strongly urge the Saudi government to stop the violence, to take all necessary measure, to redress for the beatings, outrageous gang rape and the killings that have already been committed against Ethiopia refugees by Saudi police forces and its citizens in Saudi Arabia.
November, 14/2013
Ethiopian Students in University of Trento,
Trento, Italy.

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