Monday, November 25, 2013

where were you ,when we die for our sold land ..

Shared privately  -  Jul 23, 2013
Metty na originally shared:
As you know,-
we are opposing highly the dictator governing style of weyane towards Oromo society
we are struggling for those Oromo people who are in prison. 
HOW about  you?
when Amhara ,Benishangul Gumuz , and other  tribes are displaced form there origin,we all where shouting together in opposing there displacement, we were shouting together and opposing the act of TPLF 
we are protesting the land marketing in  our home land etc ...... 
BUT brother where  the tgray people were when we die by each day for our freedom .... 
where were you ,when we die for our sold land ..
where was your voice ? ......

I have a question to you dears tgrian who are contacting me any ways ......
the main thing is,.
Do you feel like you are part of Ethiopia or the owner of Ethiopia....
Do you really feel sorry when the other tribes are suffered because of weyane /TPLF
Do you really struggle for the well being of Ethiopian as one part of a nation ......

what I mention the above is  very few  just to highlight you

But dears ,,,,, how can you explain the tgrians love and respect
for the rest of Ethiopian our society ???/

why others are in prison (because of politics ) ?Do you seen any tgre political prisoner ???
Do you seen any tgre person in demonstration for the sack of our home land ?
did tgrians are involved in protesting the current political stile in Ethiopia ? I mean genuinely..............
it very normal that you feel bad when your tribe is undermined by others and it is very human to need and find to be liked and respected by others .......
the question is do you really like and respect others,? the same ting like you need from others ???

God bless Ethiopia ,

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