Thursday, November 7, 2013

በቀደም ጋዜጠኛ ሰርካለም እስርቤት ለሚገኘዉ ባለበቷ ለጋዜጠኛ እስክንድር ነጋ በድምጽ የላከችዉን መልእክት አዳምጠን ቁጭታችንን ሀዘናችንን አሰምተን ነበር፤ አሁንAmnesty International UK HELP GET ESKINDER HOME በሚል ርእስ የፊርማ ማሰባሰብ ጀምሯ Amnesty International UK ቀደም ብሎ የታሰሩ እስረኞች ለማስፈታት  በናንተ የፊርማ ትብብርና በAmnesty ደጋፊ መንግስታት ጫና ነበር እያለን ፤ አሁንም የኢትዮጲያን መንግስት/ገዢ/ ጫና ፈጥረን እስክንድርን ለማስፈታት የያንዳችንን ትብብር ይጠይቃል እስካሁን 4951 ፊርማዉን ሰጥቷል የሚፈለገዉ 10,000 ብቻ ነዉ ይህን ሊንክ በመጫን አሁኑኑ ፊርማዎትን ያኑሩ የታሰሩት ሁሉ ይፈቱ! ሞት ለወያኔ!
Prisoners freed. Torture stopped. Executions prevented. We know that actions like yours have a real impact.
Now please share Eskinder’s story so as many people as possible take action like you.
When the Ethiopian government used anti-terror laws to silence its critics, Eskinder spoke out in protest. And when the people of nearby Egypt and Libya rose up in the ‘Arab Spring’, he speculated that the same could happen in Ethiopia. That scared the Ethiopian authorities.
So Eskinder was arrested, for the eighth time and charged with ‘incitement to commit terrorist acts’ and ‘treason’.
Yet despite the lies and the pain of separation from his family, Eskinder sleeps in peace, his conscience clear. The same, he wrote in an open letter recently:
‘cannot be said of my incarcerators though they sleep in warm beds, next to their wives, in their homes.’
Eskinder Nega
Now is our chance
The Ethiopian government has bowed to pressure from people like you before. Opposition politician Birtukan Midekssa was imprisoned alongside Eskinder and Serkalem from 2005 to 2007. She says pressure on the government from Amnesty supporters was instrumental in securing her release.
We believe we can do the same for Eskinder if we can show that tens of thousands of people around the world know and care about his plight. Please help us get him home to his wife, his child – and his work as a journalist, exposing repression.
‘Individuals can be penalised, made to suffer (oh, how I miss my child) and even killed. But… I will live to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It may or may not be a long wait. Whichever way events go, I shall persevere.’
Eskinder Nega
Because whatever the Ethiopian authorities may do, they will never silence Eskinder Nega.
ይገባናል – we deserve !
Amha Alemu

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