Monday, May 19, 2014

TPLF Dominated Import- Export Business in Ethiopian And Apartheid/Discrimination System

TPLF Dominated Import- Export Business in Ethiopian And Apartheid/Discrimination System
I had informed the majority Ethiopians in diaspora about the big discount the Ethiopian Airlines is giving to Tigrean Origin people only by totally discriminating the majority Oromo, Amara, Somalia, Afars and other ethnic Ethiopia. A 40% discount to Tigrean from diaspora is a big loss to the airline but an intentional discrimination to the majority. Now, the Ethiopian Shipping lines with its “HIDDEN MAIN” head quarter in Mekele purchased nine new cargo fleets from China at cost of $300 million while 6.5 Ethiopians from Amara, Somalia and Oromo are starving at this time.
These cargo fleets will help the import and export business in the country which is 100% controlled by the minority ethnic clan called Tigrai People (5% of the total population of Ethiopia). In the last 23 years the import and export of all business in Ethiopia is controlled by Tigrean’s minority clan.
They don’t pay Customs tariff on imports and exports – Free taxes and transportation service. All this at the cost of “the other colonized Oromo, Amara and Somali majority’” – which cannot compete with “TIGRAI People” since they don’t have privileges for such an advantage on FREE Custom Tariffs and Transportation Cost.
The main reason Gurage, Amara and Oromo are closing their business in Ethiopia such as in Markato. Now these nine cargo vessels will accelerate the import/export business of Tigreans Minority NOT the Majority Ethiopian unless they do something before too late.The nine vessels are named after the capital cities of the nine regional states in Ethiopia. President Ismail said at the inauguration, “Djibouti gives a port service to Ethiopia but it does not consider that it is giving the service to another country but regards it as it is doing it for itself, we believe that Ethiopia is Djibouti and Djibouti is Ethiopia, no difference at all “.Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said on his speech “The vessels are not only Ethiopian assets but they are also
The Question is Does Each Ethnic Controlled their Cargo? Why Tigrean Controlled them? Giving Awasa or Bahr-Dar name is a Futile attempt to Mislead the Public.

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