Monday, July 21, 2014

French interview with H.I.M Haile Selassie.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION **** ↓↓↓ Journalist; Radio Mogadiscio in their informations attack you seriously with an insulting language ..Sir what do you think of this policy? HIM / For the propaganda ...Seriously we can think a lot, it is only propaganda, they falsified false words to say against myself personally and my people and armies, for that we are not worried, they think for upset the tranquility in Ethiopia. Reporter: But they personally attack you, your person himself. HIM / if they have attacked me personally I do not give a value for the attack .. Reporter: Is it not be better to answer its attacks? HIM / If we answer this attack we will take their place, we do not respond, we will always answer the truth to defend us. journalist; But is that the truth is always heard? always listened? HIM / If they listened they will not repeat the same thing like insulted us before. Journalist; And on the personal level Sir, this is attack affects you deeply? HIM / The attack ... I'm used to be attacked .. While the Italians were in Ethiopia they did the same insult ....

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