Sunday, August 16, 2015

Not in providence but by straggling or in tussling


Ethiopians as a nation , we have been waiting almost for the three decades in being loyal for your our cultural statements or sayings which might express our cost of mind . It is good to keep cultural expression, BUT some times it is wise to  revise and cheek our cultural  statements .our cost of mind is shaped by our sings is always makes us to sit and wait in believing the statements are rally correct and not certainty ,

one of the most popular  cultural saying or statement in Ethiopia  is not in providence but by straggling or in tussling .when we see the current Ethiopian realty ,we can not  keep to be loyal for those kind of sayings .which are a delirium and hocus -pocus .

As of our sayings hustle and bustle are convenient for thief's, TPLF became more confident to use the advantage which is created in the country .Starting  from(1983)Eth calendar, the day they control the power they spread poison of ethnic politics .
Now a days TPLF consider Ethiopian people as a second class citizens and deciding to rule the country under fear and strong burden in choosing the system of ethnic politics. Ethnic politics that TPLF runs brings an advantage for weyane to segregate peoples .segregate by language , by religion, by ethnic and by flag. This ethnic politics that weyane chose are for the sake of elongation of its  power through creating conflict between people and  makes  the people to fight each other . now a days even if the people have the same skin color, the same language and  the same culture and religion , people  cleavage widening the difference so that  now in different part of Ethiopian region easy to see people fighting and became bloody , injured and quarreled.

On a farm a farmer sees his fruit and bread  blooming on his plain equally makes him exited very much. as a strongly working farmer ,it is so sad to see arid and dried blooming  at one side and lush on the other side , it is sad to see one side abort and the other fruitful. The same as a farmers farm , it is sad to see the current Ethiopian situation. we can not compair and contrast but some one significantly seen the walk of life between TPLF officers and normal citizens .even if people live in the same country it is a day to day panoply how justice are sink , how citizens became a beggar , how people are living under poverty ,,,. BUT in  other hands it is  easy for some one to see how TPLF officers live an extremely exaggerated classical life only with there members .If we remember the past before 24 years back, as all knows  when they came to power after wining the war with derg regime those  TPLF officers have nothing except that there plastic shoes and short trouser ,in fact the truth became different because  they all  became a milliners by this time.
Exactly starting from GNBOT 20 1983 they capture Ethiopia, they start corruption and literal stilling to have patridge,to be the owner of million cash in foreign banks, to be the owner of big share holders. can some one imagine  how all of them being a milliner once with in this short period of time .of course the above is the answer they are extremely corrupted.

By this because there is very wide life difference , Ethiopians are scared of and unable to manage the cost of living in caring them ,  .citizen's are starved and migrate from there home country to different part of the world in taking in to consideration all the risks even death on the way .

In order to ban, avoid and dispossession  the blood sucker government of  TPLF commission and TPLF black thorn , to bring back national proud and unity ,citzen equality and freedom , tangible economic growth  and innovation  etc we must unit and work together .specially and specifically the youngsters need to unite and hold hand to hand is very essential . 
To avoid the anguish and oppressing system in Ethiopia ,  and to see nimble political change through the entire part of the country,  I personally believe that each and every citizen needs to involve and contribute some thing valuable for the straggle .More significantly and articulately speaking  the youngsters should shoulder more responsibility than the others .

Lastly I want to seize the opportunity to thank and motivate EPRP youth group for taking the responsibility and mandate to work together with positive strong energetic spirit to dispossession the dictator regime of TPLF from Ethiopia. Also I want to encourage the EPRP youth group who are working to train youngsters to develop democratic knowledge , inorder to create a generation with strong moral and discipline.
It needs appreciation for there motivation of holding National Love (home land love ) for there activities and there gole is to create sustainable peaceful democratic regime which rules equally .

Learning from our ancestor love for Ethiopia and  stopped   colonization  from Ethiopia which was spreed all over Africa , with united and strong hand we can dismiss and make history The TPLF regime from Ethiopia.

Not in providence but  by straggling or in tussling

Victory for Ethiopian!

we will win!

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