Thursday, August 20, 2015

Justice with freedom for all Ethiopian citizens !!!

 when I think about Ethiopia  Poletics, I am always remember about Israel people what they did upon Jesus before 2,000 years .They where organize together for healping the great murderer Burban to be released from prison and for accusing Jesus to be crucified . They have been shouting and asking together unto the cruet king Platos to gave them Jesus insted of Burban .their aim was one to kill ,to crucify  Jesus .WHY and WHY ? .that was only partiality . that was sectional partiality .

Like wise it is almost the same what is happening today in Ethiopian current Poetical situation. people might punished in different ways , isolated , prisoned even killed if they found in having some thing different political thoughts or ideology.
Ethiopian officer's do not judge based on facts BUT by sectional . Sectional by Race , Ethnic , Party , Money ,....... and then evaluating the result is loss, a BIG loss in every aspect of citizens life .  Sectional partiality is high in Ethiopia . Obviously it is clear for all of us why Wyane section people is only for elongation of its power or governing period .

the above green link is all about how we bring Justice and freedom to Ethiopia and states mostly in commenting our ways of straggling .

If we really need to see change , if we really want TPLF down from our country ,......
1- it is a must to evaluate our self  around our inside priority. Before we start opposing or objecting  we  need to know or identify our priority .
2- Very important to give special priority for country .according to bible as I believe as a christian , a government who is sectioning each other has no sustainable life .  SO to come together and Unity is very essential .
3 -We need to came together for our common gal or agenda by avoiding or at list by minimizing our  differences .

Victory for Ethiopian !

We shall win !

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